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Junonia found on Captiva

By Staff | Aug 11, 2020


Carole McDaniel, of Oviedo, found a junonia shell on July 23 on Captiva. She explained that she, her husband Rudy, son Brighton, 14, and daughter Becca, 4, were talking a walk on the beach. About 30 yards from some rocks, she and Brighton decided to stop and do some shelling in a sand shelf created by the tide, while Rudy and Becca went onto the rocks. Amidst the seaweed and shell rubble, she spotted the unique spots of a junonia. Assuming it was just a piece of one, she was shocked to discover it was whole. She immediately called out to Brighton, who rinsed the shell and ran it to the rocks to share their find. McDaniel noted that their son Ben, 10, chose to not go on the walk and will forever regret the decision. The family has been coming to the islands for the past 19 summers. The children, who have vacationed here every year of their lives, are all avid shellers. Brighton can immediately identify and provide the name of every type of shell found and a junonia has been on the family’s shell wish list for years. As the family made their way back to their unit, someone overheard them talking about their find and asked to take a picture. McDaniel joked that their find had finally made them the “shellebrities” they always wished they would be.