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Contractor selected for Turner Beach project

By Staff | Jul 28, 2020

PHOTO PROVIDED The design for the Turner Beach shoreline stabilization project.

Waiting on one final permit for the Turner Beach Park shoreline stabilization project, the Sanibel City Council recently approved a contractor to do the work, which is anticipated to begin in September.

At its July 14 meeting, the council voted to award the bid for the project to Thomas Marine Construction Inc. for approximately $518,377. Last week, Community Services Department Director Keith Williams reported that the city received eight bids in total from interested contractors.

The city sought $580,000 from the Lee County Tourist Development Council for the project.

“The funding is 100 percent approved by the TDC now,” he said on July 22.

The project aims to re-enforce the shoreline in the area.

“It is a popular beach park – prone to shoreline erosion and high tide flooding,” Williams said, explaining that while it is located on Captiva in unincorporated Lee County, the city manages the site. “It’s to help stabilize the shore and protect the parking lot from additional flooding and erosion.”

Toward the end of last year, the South Florida Water Management District approved the permit application from the city for the project. Since then, the city has obtained the additional ones needed from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

However, it was still waiting on the county’s development permit as of last week.

“That is still outstanding, but that is not really going to affect the timeframe,” he said. “We do not anticipate that the Lee County permit will require any substantive changes to the project.”

Williams noted that no changes were needed for the other permits.

“We anticipate getting the Lee County permit sometime within the next 30 to 45 days,” he said.

Williams explained that for larger projects like the Turner Beach one, once the bid for the project is awarded, there is typically about a month’s worth of paperwork with the contractor that follows.

“We’re in that period right now,” he said.

Williams reported that he estimates the paperwork will be completed in August, with the project anticipated to start in early September. The work itself will run from the summer into the fall.

“It should be done in under six months,” he said. “It’ll be done before the new year.”

During the project, there will be periods of time when the park will be closed, Williams noted. It will be dependent on what stage the contractor is on. The city will put out signage and alert the public to that.

The design for the project was done by Coastal Engineering Consultants. Last year, representatives from the firm presented the draft to the Captiva Erosion Prevention District’s board at a meeting.

The areas targeted for improvement include the asphalt curtain at the parking lot’s entrance and the catch basins at the entrance and south end. It also entails closing off pedestrian access to the beach via the dunes by building them up a couple of feet, extending the fence to the riprap and new plantings.

The representatives noted that most of the work is landward, except for the riprap.

At the time, they reported that the riprap on the shoreline would be approximately 300 feet and raised to an elevation of 6 feet. It would tie into where the CEPD had done rehabilitation work in the past.