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Slow down: Del Prado speed limit lowered to 40 from Coronado to Hancock Bridge

By Staff | Jul 16, 2020

Those heading down the busy thoroughfare of Del Prado Boulevard will have to take it down a notch following a decision by the Lee County Department of Transportation to lower the speed limit from 45 mph to 40 mph from Coronado Parkway to Hancock Bridge Parkway.

The speed limit change took effect July 10.

Del Prado Boulevard has double the crash rate for pedestrians and bicyclists as compared to the rest of the county, according to a copy of the county’s traffic regulation order posted on the website of the Cape Coral Police Department. The order was signed by chief traffic engineer Stephen Jansen.

Lee County Government spokesperson Betsy Clayton said the Department of Transportation reduced the speed limit primarily for safety reasons.

Clayton said via email studies show that if the average speed on the road were reduced by 3 miles per hour, there would be a reduction of 15 to 20 injury crashes per year.

“The nature of Del Prado Boulevard has changed during the last several decades from that of a suburban arterial road with much of the traffic being through-trips to that of an urban commercial street on which most of the traffic is local trips and pedestrian traffic is a significant element. Land-use context indicates that a lower speed limit is appropriate,” Clayton wrote.

In the order, Jansen cited the “large number of driveways and side streets serving high turnover businesses” as having “created an environment that indicates a lower recommended speed limit. Del Prado Boulevard has a higher than expected vehicle crash rate that can be attributed to excessive speed and frequent side street conflicts.”