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Poetic License: ‘Minority Alligator Rap’

By Staff | Jul 14, 2020

Joe Pacheco

I’m Minority Alligator with minority views –

Life’s all a croc so I’m rappin’ the blues.

Some call me cocodrilo and others caimn,

Lagarto de Indias from days bygone.

Black, brown or green, you gringos don’t care,

You just hate us all ’cause we never grew hair.

You treat us like rednecks out drinking all night,

Maintaining your distance for easy flight.

But I gotta tell you you’re not all alone

When we’re swimming bayou and you’re on your cell phone.

You said you’d protect us from growing extinct,

But now that we’re thriving you’ve had to rethink.

Just a few bad gators is all that it takes

To look on us all as Nature’s mistakes

And decide we’re illegal and should all be returned

To swamps that we came from that you guys have churned,

Or harvest us like oranges to protect the crop

And the flow of tourists pouring in non-stop.

But let me tell you right now and my language is clear:

We were on Earth when no warm bloods were here.

And before you discovered we would make great shoes,

None of us were singing the Alligator Blues,

Which we now sing at night till our eyes are red

And it sounds like a bark to all you gringos in bed.

But they’re not crocodile tears and they help us survive

What you’ve done to our race, our species and tribe.

So go look for new worlds and aim for the stars;

Go build your golf courses on Jupiter and Mars.

While you’re busy polluting the new worlds that you’ve found –

We’ll be waiting right here bellies firm on the ground,

And when you’re gone from this planet that you’ve ruined for good,

We’ll be cruising again – like kings of the hood.