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Adding fuel to hatred, separation

By Staff | Jul 14, 2020

To the editor:

I was troubled by a letter to the editor I read from Mr. Mike DiCorpo published in the June 8, 2020, issue of the Island Reporter.

I too am a Sanibel resident and have health issues which this virus could cause me critical results. I also believe that wearing a mask should be a priority. I salute Bailey’s General Store for its strong stance on wearing masks in its stores.

I was disgusted that the writer was using politics to try to make his point. I didn’t know that the “Make America Great Again” folks are the cause of the non-mask wearers. I’m surprised that he didn’t also blame the police. It’s thinking like this that just keeps adding fuel to the hatred and separation in this country today.

Please don’t bring this hostility to our island.

Dan Koerselman