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Updated tax roll values show increases across the board

By Staff | Jul 2, 2020

Preliminary property tax valuations for the islands significantly rose over the earlier estimates.

The Lee County Property Appraiser’s Office released its preliminary tax roll values on July 1, which reflect a 2.65 percent increase for Sanibel and a 6.96 increase for Captiva as part of unincorporated Lee County. The figures are higher than the 0.02 percent and 4.96 percent, respectively, reported in May.

Preliminary valuations for the islands’ fire districts also climbed over the early numbers.

Based on the new figures, Sanibel’s taxable value rose approximately $140.01 million – the 2.65 percent – to about $5.42 billion. Assessed value increased 2.68 percent to $5.73 billion, up $149.56 million from 2019, while the just value rose by 1.53 percent to $6.18 billion – up $93.22 million.

The countywide estimates, which Captiva falls under, reveal an approximate $5.81 billion rise in taxable value – 6.96 percent – to about $89.34 billion. Assessed value rose 6.74 percent to $105.99 billion, up $6.69 billion; the just value increased 5.37 percent to $121.88 billion, up $6.21 billion.

Also, the values for the Sanibel Fire and Rescue District and Captiva Island Fire Control District, plus the Upper Captiva Fire District, show an increase year-over-year, according to the new information.

The Sanibel district rose 2.61 percent to approximately $5.54 billion, up about $140.62 million from 2019. The Captiva district increased 1.47 percent to $1.51 billion – a $21.86 million difference.

Upper Captiva saw a 1.05 percent hike to about $227.73 million, up about $2.37 million.

The final figures will be sent to Tallahassee for approval. TRIM notices are mailed to property owners in August; owners then have 25 days to resolve any disagreement with the property appraisers office.