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Masks for a different use

By Staff | Jun 30, 2020

To the editor:

While we wrangle over wearing masks, Chinese citizens have been wearing them for years. Pre-COVID, masks provided protection from poor air quality. China manufactures many of our consumer goods, a significant source of pollution. Daily, citizens study apps measuring air quality. If air quality is poor, face masks are inadequate and gas masks are indicated.

China is a leader in clean energy. In 2019, the World Economic Forum named China the world’s largest solar power consumer. However, “Nature Energy” revealed China’s polluted air was blocking the sun’s rays. Pollution prevented solar panels from working efficiently.

Clean air requires more than renewable energy. A solution is to price carbon, collecting fees at the source and returning them to households. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act does this. Contact Citizens’ Climate Lobby and make your voice heard in our struggle to restore our planet’s health.

When you choose which side of safety is right for you – to wear or not wear a mask – be grateful. Those who manufacture our goods (possibly the very mask you wear) protect themselves from poor air by donning masks, every day. Some days a gas mask is in order.

Constance Hutson

Fort Myers