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Cabinet Genies to break ground for new showroom in the South Cape

By Staff | Jun 18, 2020

Cabinet Genies hopes their new 5,300-square-foot space will help solidify their presence in the community even more.

The family-owned and operated company is breaking ground on its new showroom this morning at 815 S.E. 47th Terrace in the South Cape.

Cabinet Genies specializes in high-quality kitchens, bathrooms, closets and outdoor living spaces.

They’ve been serving residents and commercial operations since they opened in 2000.

Marketing director Jordan Gaubeart said Cabinet Genies chose that location, in part, because they wanted to stay in downtown Cape Coral.

“I think it’s the heart of the community,” he said. “It’s growing.”

“We’ve been on Cape Coral Parkway for almost 10 years, but we’ve just been in a little location. The new showroom really cements our place in the community.”

The current location is 1,500 square feet. The new 5,300-square-foot space will more than double that.

Customers will get to see full working kitchens. There will also be a chef’s kitchen where events, such as cooking demonstrations, can be held. Both of these options aren’t available in the current space.

The new 1,300-square-foot outdoor area also will have a full working outdoor kitchen.

Gaubeart thinks about 50 people, including employees and subcontractors, will come out Friday at 9 a.m. to watch builder, Vantage Construction Services, LLC, break ground.

He’s most excited about the features the new space will be able to hold.

“It’s really making a statement,” Gaubeart said. “We’ve arrived. We’re going to be here for years to come to service the community and to show a plethora of new products.”

The current location will close once the 47th Terrace spot opens.

Gaubeart thinks they’ll be ready to open in about nine months.

The builders say the building will be completed in seven months. Then Cabinet Genies needs to build out the space, get office furniture installed and complete displays.

Cabinet Genies purchased the land two and a half years ago.

They hoped to break ground a few months ago but the pandemic slowed things down a bit.

Customers ask for kitchen cabinets the most.

“We do probably 60-70% of kitchens,” Gaubeart said.

“A white kitchen is still the hot seller.”

They specialize in a lot of contemporary work.

Gaubeart says they try to shy away from the Tuscan look of the past.

“A transitional contemporary look is a timeless look that has some aspects of a traditional look,” he said. “A timeless look that in 10, 20 years won’t go out of style.”

When asked what makes them standout, Gaubeart said it is their customer service.

“We have hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews,” he said. “A big reason for that is customer service. When a customer comes to us, we are helping them for years after the job is complete.”

If a customer has an issue, whether it’s a problem with the door or a hinge that’s missing, Cabinet Genies will come out and service it for free.

They also have some award-winning designers working in their firm.

President and Jordan Gaubeart’s father, Jim Gaubeart, has been in the industry for over 40 years.

Jordan’s brother, Nate Gaubeart, is also part of the company. He runs the sales department, warehouse and showrooms.

“I think this will be a turning point for the community to grow further,” Jim Gaubeart said. “It’s a place for residents to be able to remodel their homes, all the new people coming from up north to be able to have a place they can trust that’s been around for 40 years that’s a family-run business.

“We have a lot of trust in the community as of now and I think this is going to elevate that even further.”