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SCCF: Leave nothing but footprints behind on beaches

By Staff | Jun 17, 2020


Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation Shorebird Biologist Audrey Albrecht and Coastal Wildlife Director Kelly Sloan urge beach-goers to be mindful of ongoing shorebird and sea turtle nesting.

“Please pick up your litter, fill in your beach holes and remove all beach furniture,” Sloan said. “We hope you will also share this information on your social media networks and with visitors who might not know about our wildlife.”

Any obstruction or deep hole on the beach can interfere with nesting wildlife and with sea turtle hatchlings, who will soon be emerging from their nests. In addition, the SCCF offered the following:

– Dispose of fishing line properly to avoid wildlife entanglement.

– Do not use flash lights or flash photography without a red filter.


– Be a respectful photographer of shorebirds.

– Respect signed nesting areas. Plover nests are really difficult to see, and the posted areas prevent beach-goers from accidentally trampling the eggs in a nest.

– Honor the leash law. Plovers view dogs as predators. An unleashed dog can destroy nests and kill hatchlings.