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Poetic License: ‘Sonnet: Pacheco Pronounced’

By Staff | Jun 9, 2020

Joe Pacheco

(For my daughters Miranda and Allegra)

If you’re not from Spain or Puerto Rico

Then you’ll pronounce my name Pacheeko,

Pachenko, Patcheck or Pacheo

The latter to rhyme with Galileo,

Or if you’re French or really slow

Then you’ll call me Pah-sheh-co –

Paycheck or Paczechoslovakia

If you’re a Slavic telemarketer.

But if you can sing “Little Sir Echo”

Have a Chinese rug that’s real Art Deco,

Admire the paintings of El Greco,

The power of Jose Canseco,

Buy insurance from the Geico Gecko,

Then you’ll pronounce my name Pacheco.