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KLCB: Properly dispose of litter and trash

By Staff | Jun 3, 2020

As states and cities across the country move forward with plans to reopen parts of their economies and more people go outdoors and seek recreation in public spaces, including parks and beaches, Keep Lee County Beautiful would like to remind the public to properly dispose of trash and litter as they venture outside.

“As Lee County is reopening, we want to remind everyone that we all must continue to do our part to keep beaches, parks, waterways, and streets safe and clean,” Executive Director Trish Fancher said. “As COVID-19 continues to pose an ongoing threat, it is imperative that we stay vigilant and properly dispose of trash and litter.”

For those that do venture out to public parks and beaches, please take care to properly dispose of your trash and if the recycling bin is full, pack up your recyclables and recycle at home. KLCB also discourages people from picking up wipes or gloves without litter collection devices, gloves, or the ability to immediately wash and sanitize your hands because the items could be contaminated.

“If you use PPE, it’s your responsibility to dispose of it in a trash can,” Fancher said.

For more information, visit www.klcb.org.