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Setting a healthy example

By Staff | Jun 2, 2020

To the editor:

Costco has become a guiding light in this world of fake news.

You can’t enter its warehouse locations without a face covering. Imagine a retailer who is concerned about the health of its employees and customers. Even if you don’t believe the “experts,” wouldn’t you want to protect your neighbor, mother, father, grandparents, et cetera and err on the side of caution and take any reasonable effort to protect others?

I applaud Costco for their leadership on this issue. Our president continues to show his lack of respect for all of us by not wearing a face covering where necessary. It seems that Costco maybe the new leader on this issue and by requiring face coverings may be educating more people than our president and shows it has more respect for all of us than he does. Our president hasn’t figured out that people will probably be less concerned to go out and spend money if people wear masks.

Wear a face covering and protect the people you love.

Al Lobbato