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Poetic License: ‘Forgotten’

By Staff | Jun 2, 2020

Joe Pacheco

I am afraid of being forgotten,

Of no one on Earth recalling my voice,

My laughter, the stupid way I stooped

And tilted to the right when I walked,

The drop shots I hit to drive

My tennis foes crazy,

The Frank Sinatra song parodies

I sang in the shower and to my friends.

I am afraid because I remember

How easy it’s been to forget

The looks, sounds and scents

Of my mother, brother and father,

The jokes of woebegone buddies,

The charm of former lovers,

Each day thinking of them less and less

Until much too soon, not at all.

Most of all, I am afraid

No one will read the poems

I once believed would be

My passport to posterity,

Afraid my poems will remain

Shut away in unopened books,

Or float forever unclicked

In the vast oblivion of cyberspace

With no one to download them and sigh,

“Wish I had written that.”