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CCPD thanked with a parade, tokens of appreciation — and Krispy Kremes!

By Staff | May 22, 2020

The Cape Coral Police Department was greeted Friday morning with a “thank you” parade from Cape Coral High School students.

A brigade of decorated vehicles thanking the city’s police officers for their service to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic made its way around department headquarters, horns blaring and signs proudly displayed.

CCPD officers and staff looked on with smiles and waved back in appreciation of their recognition from the youth of the Cape.

“It was very cool,” said CCPD spokesperson, Master Sgt. Patrick O’ Grady. “It’s great knowing that your community supports you in all you do. They stepped up and really showed up the love today.”

Members of Cape High’s Anchor Club, Students Against Destructive Decisions and their newly formed COVID-19 Cards for Comfort Group, presented the department with personalized cards for each officer thanking them, police appreciation buttons, stuffed animals and Krispy Kreme donuts.

“We’ve come out with a bunch of our school’s clubs to show appreciation for the police department here in Cape Coral,” said Cape Coral High School’s Anchor Club President Owen Foster-Hickey. “They do so much for us on a daily basis, especially helping the community still during the coronavirus pandemic. We wanted to find a way to give back to them.”

The clubs were looking to find a way to show gratitude to CCPD and the idea sprung from virtual meetings they have been organizing.

In about two weeks, the students were able to make 400 personalized cards for officers. They also distribute cards to local nursing homes.

“Every card is personal and most are made by hand with really great art and decorations,” Foster-Hickey said. “They spent a lot of time on them. They look great.”

Students were also at police department headquarters in the early morning hours getting creative with sidewalk chalk along Southeast 11th street.

They drew inspirational messages, words of thanks and messages of hope.

“Today is beautifully awesome,” said Leigh Anne Page, teacher and advisor of the Cape Coral Anchor Club. “What a beautiful scene to see these great kids — and it was them, they organized it and we all participated, but, heartwarming. There is good in our community.”

O’ Grady said it’s always a little extra special when the department is recognized by the youth of the community.

“It’s always great when high school students, middle school students, even elementary and college students, come out and support the police,” he said. “With all of the negativity you see on the news of how there’s issues with law enforcement and kids, to see them come out and actually support us is amazing.”

The gracious thanks certainly made the morning a special one for CCPD officers and employees, who have been busy in their own right putting on “parades” for members of the community while also protecting residents.

“It always puts us in good spirits when we know we’re getting support from our community,” O’ Grady said. “We are very lucky in Cape Coral to have such an amazing community that supports us, I can’t say enough about our community — they’re amazing.”

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