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CenturyLink COVID-19 tests damaged in transit

By Staff | May 21, 2020

On May 20, the Florida Division of Emergency Management notified testing sites that 1,702 of the more than 90,000 tests administered throughout the state FDEM sites so far in May were damaged in transit. The individuals whose tests were damaged will have the opportunity to be retested. Those affected will be notified and will be given priority testing.

The CenturyLink COVID-19 Testing Site was notified there were 119 tests identified as being damaged in transit. To make sure those who need retesting can do so quickly and efficiently, a priority lane has been set up today to give those affected a fast track. Once checked in at the gate and confirmed to be on the retesting list, patients will make their way through the expedited process. Their test kits will be marked “priority” and overnighted to the commercial lab.