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SCCF officials: Help protect nesting shorebirds

By Staff | May 20, 2020

SCCF Snowy plover

Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation Shorebird Biologist Audrey Albrecht is asking that the public please help spread the word on how to safely share the shore with nesting shorebirds.

“It’s the time of year when nests start hatching and we need people to follow proper shorebird etiquette,” she said.

Photographers are asked to please read and follow the guidelines set forth by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Foundation and the Florida Shorebird Alliance.

In addition, all beach-goers are asked to adhere to the following important reminders from the city of Sanibel’s shorebird conservation video, which was produced in partnership with the SCCF:

– Give wildlife space. Stay out of posted nesting areas.

– Keep all dogs on a leash no longer than 8-feet in length.

– Never chase wildlife.

– Do not feed wildlife. Food scraps attract predators such as crows and gulls to the area, which prey on shorebirds and their hatchlings.

– Secure trash that may injure or entrap wildlife.

– Remove all beach furniture and equipment from the beach by 9 p.m.

– Fill holes and level sandcastles.

– Leave the wrack line undisturbed to provide shorebirds food and critical habitat.

– Keep off the dune vegetation.

– Teach visitors, neighbors and children these conservation tips.

For questions about shorebirds, email shorebirds@sccf.org.