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VIP Realtors introduces virtual 3-D walkthroughs

By Staff | May 13, 2020

VIP Realty is combining two technologies – Nodalview, a 3D-tour platform designed for real estate, and Call Page – to provide potential buyers with a live conversation and real-time home visit.

The new tool, “Visit This House from your Couch,” powered by Nodalview’s Live Session technology, allows buyers to experience a 3-D agent-guided virtual tour visit. Scheduling a safe visit is easy using CallPage; visit VIPRealty.Com and click on the phone icon to receive a call back within 28 seconds for an appointment.

Potential buyers can connect directly with the agent online, within minutes – day or night – to schedule their real-time walkthrough. During the conversation, the agent takes the buyer on a guided interactive visit of the home, both inside and outside, providing them with the property features and addressing any questions they have.

“With the current environment prohibiting buyers from physically touring properties, this technology allows buyers to view the home any day of the week, 24/7, from around the world,” Charlie Ashby, president of VIP Realty in Southwest Florida, said. “With interest rates historically low and supply and demand fairly even, market conditions are ideal right now, especially in Southwest Florida. By using these two technologies simultaneously, we can connect buyers and agents directly as they shelter in place. Additionally, this transforms the appraisal business because appraisers can conduct live walk-through visits without going into the homes, allowing for virtual desktop appraisals.”

For more information, visit VIPRealty.Com.