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Testing the waters after taking time off the water

By Staff | May 13, 2020

As Florida heads into “Phase One” recovery let us not lose sight of watersport safety. Much like many people forgot the uncomfortable feeling of driving for the first time on a snow-covered road. We learned the importance of snow tires, learned skid techniques and allowing ample time to stop. After taking time off and going back to boating you will need to get your sea legs back on.

Back to the basics of boating. Refresh yourself with the navigation rules, know your local area aids to navigation, changes in speed zones, be certain you have the proper equipment. Know how and when to call for help, check your boat for expired flares and the condition of life jackets and fire extinguishers. Most importantly do not become complacent to safe and responsible boating.

Boating responsibly may sound like merely a buzzword, however it is your personal approach to boating safely. It is a combination of preparation, developing your personal knowledge of boating operations and navigating safely among other boaters. Boating responsibility helps to protect yourself, your passengers and other boaters from possible harm.

Before turning that boat engine key, take the time and do the review. Don’t become the next search and rescue statistic. The choice is yours.

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