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Shell Shocked: Officer down

By Staff | May 12, 2020

Art Stevens

A police car was patrolling a neighborhood. A call came in from headquarters: “Report on status. We’ve gotten some intelligence that something’s afoot in your area. Come in, please.”

One of the officers in the patrol car responded: “This is Officer Burns and I’ve got officer down.”

“What was the last thing you said?”

“Officer down.”

The sergeant at headquarters said:” Stand by. Help is on the way.” And he immediately ran to the lieutenant’s office and said “we have an officer down at Main and Broadway. I had heard there was trouble in that area, but we didn’t realize how much.”

The lieutenant pulled no punches: “Get an ambulance to the scene and three squad cars. You’ll need back up.” The sergeant hurried back to his desk and made the necessary calls. He then radioed Officer Burns.

“Headquarters to car 308, headquarters to car 308. Help is on the way. Stand your ground. We’re also sending an ambulance. We heard there was trouble in your beat but didn’t realize how bad it was.”

Officer Burns: Yes, we were expecting trouble which is why we patrolled this area. We’re seeing signs of it already.

Sergeant: Of course, you are. That’s why we’re sending back up. Tell me, is it bad?

Officer Burns: The natives are getting restless. No telling what they might do.

Sergeant: How is your partner doing?

Officer Burns: He’s right here with me and we’re on the lookout for troublemakers.

Sergeant: I’m so sorry about you’re partner. Is he hurt bad?

Officer Burns: We’re both being vigilant. By the way why are you sending an ambulance? Do you have any intelligence that indicates there may be violence?

Sergeant: You’re a brave guy considering that there’s already been violence. Remember you’re just one person. Don’t try to be a hero.

Officer Burns: Don’t worry, my partner and I are up to the task.

Sergeant: But your partner is down. Don’t be reckless.

Officer Burns: Sergeant, what are you talking about?

Sergeant: What I’m saying is don’t play Russian roulette with your partner’s life. Just do as I say and hold your ground until an ambulance is there.

Officer Burns: Why do I need an ambulance?

Sergeant: Because, damn it, your partner is down.

Officer Burns: Of course, he is. He’s patrolman Bob Down.