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Poetic License: ‘The Poet Answers The Interviewer’s Question On Mission And Vision And What Poetry Really Is’

By Staff | May 5, 2020

Joe Pacheco

“Is” comes from the Aryan root “as”, to breathe

Is because it is close is the driving force

– Charles Olson

The poet tries

to tell it

like it is

but is

is never

what is was

when the poet tells

it like it is

And so

the poet tries

again to tell it

like it is

but is is no longer

what he thought

it was

and was

is no longer

what he ever

thought it was

when is was was

and was was is

and all of it

was like it is –

and was.

so ask me why

does a poet try?

the answer now

easy to see


is is not a poet try –

is is poetry.