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Games galore for LOGOS kids

By Staff | Apr 29, 2020
PHOTO PROVIDED Landon Reason waits patiently for his turn in the archery competition as Teagan Clark helps position Annabelle Williams for the best possible shot.
PHOTO PROVIDED Henry Chase takes aim with his bow and arrow.
PHOTO PROVIDED Matt Kirchner sets the football for Wes Kerscher.
PHOTO PROVIDED Nathan Ames plays the ultimate football throw game.
PHOTO PROVIDED Dawson Liebetrau defends his goal as he plays knee hockey with Brooks Selby.

The LOGOS children celebrated Game Night on Jan. 29 at Sanibel Community Church. The youths enjoyed Bible time, recreation, crafts and music. During the family-style dinner of sliders, tater-tots and Jell-O jigglers, the group waited for the games to begin. Each table was equipped with a different type of board game and the children rotated to get the chance to play each one with their table parents. Various activities were set-up, including archery competitions, knee hockey, arcade type games, football and basketball toss, and noodle tag. By the end of the night, the children were gamed out. Due to COVID-19, the LOGOS program has been suspended until further notice. For more information or to check on scheduling, contact Holly Patton-Roark at 239-472-2684.