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Cape City Council facing a busy agenda Monday

By Staff | Apr 16, 2020

The Cape Coral City Council will hold its regular meeting Monday at 4:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall, and will address some issues that have come about in the aftermath of the COVID-19 virus.

The City Council will clarify through a resolution the procedure for canceling City Council meetings.

The city charter provides that five members of council shall constitute a quorum, meaning they must be on the dais. The current council rules do not provide direction on cancelling a meeting when a quorum is not present, or when a quorum is not expected to be in attendance.

The City Council is looking to amend its rules of procedure to clarify how a meeting may be cancelled when faced with the lack of a quorum.

This problem has come into focus after two meetings were cancelled in March for a lack of quorum as only four council members attended meetings (though were willing to participate online) at the dawn of the COVID-19 crisis.

City Council will also be addressing several quasi-judicial hearings.

There will be six such hearings Monday, in which the parties involved must be sworn in by the City Clerk. Testimony for any quasi-judicial hearings may still be heard in person by attending the meeting. But there will also be the opportunity to participate via phone.

Keep in mind the City Council does not want more than 10 people in Council Chambers at any one time, per state law, meaning that those wishing to speak in person must wait outside chambers

Those wishing to participate must call the City Clerk’s office at 574-0417 by noon Monday.

City Council will also discuss procedures on administrative leave and investigations, and evaluate revenues collected during the COVID-19 pandemic, brought forth by Councilmember Lois Welsh and Mayor Joe Coviello, respectively.

One item to get its second and final public hearing is an ordinance regarding self-service storage facilities on Pine Island Road. The ordinance would prohibit self-service storage facilities on sites with 170 feet of frontage or greater.

The purpose of the amendment is to protect sites with significant frontage on Pine Island Road for uses that require larger areas and greater visibility, such as shopping centers, retail and restaurant uses, and since storage uses can be developed on a wider variety of sites and customers visit these sites intending to store and retrieve items, site visibility is not as important.

One other item is expected to be removed by City Manager John Szerlag regarding requirements for sites in the CC District with frontage on Pine Island Road.

Despite it being the first of two public hearings, Szerlag wants city staff to research new information received and believed the item would result in a high volume of public comment, which City Council is trying to avoid during the pandemic.

Also, the council is expected to amend the FY2020 city budget by decreasing the total revenues and expenditures by more than $40 million.

City Hall is at 1015 Cultural Park Blvd.