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Bat Yam holds Passover seder celebration virtually

By Staff | Apr 16, 2020

Bat Yam Temple of the Islands used Zoom to host a virtual Passover evening “seder,” which was attended by 94 participants and later watched by another 148 after the video was posted to YouTube.

Attending were Jews and non-Jews, many who traveled to Israel last year with Rabbi Stephen Fuchs and Pastor John Danner, of the Sanibel Congregational United Church of Christ. Bat Yam officials added that there were locals and people from around the country, including Hawaii, and from Europe.

Danner, who usually attends the Bat Yam seder, sent a letter which was read by Fuchs:

“This year, the long-asked question will no doubt take on new meaning. ‘Why,’ a child asks ‘is this night different from all the others?’ For me, the answer, at least in part, is because it reminds me to constantly work on behalf of all those who are enslaved in any way. I am indeed your brother, and while we are not together in body, we are together on this, and every night, in heart.”

Attendees at their seder tables could see friends sitting around theirs, with the symbolic matzos, candles, Manishewitz wine, plate with shankbone, greens, bitter herbs, roasted, egg and charoset. A plate of chopped liver, a glass of salt water, symbolizing tears. At the service’s end, Fuchs said the traditional prayerful hope, “Next year in Jerusalem,” then added “Next year all together.”

Bat Yam conducts an interactive class using Zoom on Saturdays at 9:45 a.m. It also live streams on its Facebook page a Friday “Shabbat Welcome” session at 7 p.m., a shortened version of the Sabbath.

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