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Sewers will open door to development

By Staff | Apr 14, 2020

To the editor:

Once again there is a push for sewers on Captiva. Having been a part of Captiva for 80-plus years, I can honestly say I’ve seen changes for the better and changes that destroy. Power, water and aerial spraying for mosquitoes and no-see-ums were all good. Island popularity and business demands not so good.

Did you know, originally it was planned that because of the size, Sanibel was to be the business island and Captiva the residential island, with a little bending between the two? Captiva had a little post office and the Sunshine cafe and that was about it. We all put up with Colonial Chadwicks plantation on the north end and everybody like the Colonial and his limes were loved by all.

Did you know Fort Myers Beach was as pretty as Captiva some 40- to 50-plus years ago? Have you been there lately and seen it? It’s different now and do you want to know why? Sewers. Ya see folks, sewers equals hotels and more restaurants and bars, pure and simple.

Septics work if they are taken care of and pumped regularly. The real reason sewers come into play, from time to time, is because the business community would love to be able to really develop the island, and sewers are the answer. The strip between the two “S” curves is a Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn dream. The only thing that is keeping Captiva Captiva is your septic tank! Don’t be fooled by the experts, there’s big money to be made if sewers backdoor their way on to Captiva.

Tom Loomis