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Sanibel Smiles can help feed hope

By Staff | Apr 14, 2020

To the editor:

As visitors to this very special place for about five years, part of the enjoyment is the unmistakable happiness on the faces of adults and kids alike. Happy to be here, happy to get away from the everyday, happy to be able to have time together, happy to be outside and enjoy all kinds of activities celebrating some of the best life has to offer. Smiles from the Lighthouse to the Mucky Duck!

We are working together through unprecedented times and our understandable concerns are now worn on our faces. Everyone is affected by this at some level, including the loss of life.

But, as we always do, we push through. The internal drive and attitude to get ourselves up to the personal challenge and also help others.

Over the past two months, it’s evident to me our Sanibel Smiles are few and far between. Although a small gesture, a smile and a “hi” can be infectious. For some of us that’s very hard understood.

If more of us can find it in ourselves, maybe, just maybe, an infection of hope can be reflected on our faces and our Sanibel Smile will have returned!

Be well and be safe everyone.

Fred Barthmaier