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Gulf red snapper season set to open in July

By Staff | Apr 8, 2020

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced in February that this year’s Gulf red snapper recreational season is scheduled to open June 11 through July 25, with a possible fall reopening if quota is available.

It will apply to those fishing from private recreational vessels in Gulf state and federal waters and to charter vessels that do not have a federal reef fish permit and are limited to fishing in state waters only.

“I’m pleased to announce that our state’s good conservation practices are allowing us to have a 45-day Gulf red snapper season this year,” DeSantis said. “Gulf red snapper season is always an exciting time for anglers and is just another reason why Florida remains the Fishing Capital of the World.”

Earlier in February, Florida was delegated authority to manage recreational red snapper harvest from private vessels in Gulf federal waters.

“Gulf red snapper is a conservation and management success story for Florida anglers,” Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Chairman Robert Spottswood said. “Just a few years ago, a 45-day season for red snapper in both state and federal waters was out of reach. Thank you to all the stakeholders and anglers who helped make this season possible by providing input and sharing information about their fishing trips.”

“FWC is proud to be able to work with our stakeholders to balance conservation with fishing opportunities for Gulf red snapper and we are excited to see what the future holds as FWC takes the unprecedented step of managing this resource in both state and federal waters of the Gulf,” he added.

For more information, visit MyFWC.com/Marine and click on “Recreational Regulations” and “Snapper” under the “Reef Fish” tab.