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Lee officials ask residents to take the pledge

By Staff | Apr 6, 2020

Lee County leaders are teaming up to combat the spread of COVID-19 by launching an area-wide social media campaign to raise awareness.

Lee County’s “I Took the Pledge!” online movement launched last week.

Entities involved with the county’s campaign include Lee Health, Florida Department of Health, Lee County School District, Lee County Sheriff’s Office and United Way.

Lee Health President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Larry Antonucci on April 3 laid out the five ways residents can contribute to the mitigation of spreading the virus:

– Stay home as much as possible

– Use social distancing when you have to go out for essential purposes

– Use proper handwashing techniques

– Not gather in groups of 10 of more

– Stay calm, stay kind and stay safe

“I urge everyone in our community to join me in taking this pledge in our continued fight against the coronavirus,” Antonucci said.

The county has launched a Website, www.leegov.com/pledge, with a video message from County Commissioner Brian Hamman, Antonucci, Superintendent Dr. Greg Adkins and other county leaders.

On the Website, users can fill out a form and add their name to the list of people who took the pledge.

Those who take the pledge will receive an email with graphics attached to take their own “I took the Pledge!” photo or video to share on social media using the hashtags #ITookthePledge and #StayHomeSWFL.

“The next few weeks will be tough, but we will prevail over this virus together,” Antonucci said. “A month into this fight, I have never been prouder to call Southwest Florida home.”

He also relayed news of more recent shipments of supplies from the national strategic stockpile.

“Supplies will continue to be a challenge for all health care systems, but by following CDC guidelines we have been able to conserve personal protective equipment to ensure that our employees stay safe while caring for their patients,” Antonucci said. “Getting the supplies we need will be a constant challenge going forward but as of today, we are doing OK.”