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LOGOS youth heroes

By Staff | Mar 26, 2020
PHOTO PROVIDED Superhero Levi Arlington navigates adeptly on his scooter demonstrating his speed and agility.
PHOTO PROVIDED Superhero Klark Schafer uses his super strength and mighty grabber to round up wild animals.
PHOTO PROVIDED Firefighter Rider Jackson awaits the next call for emergency responders.
PHOTO PROVIDED EMT rescuer Abby McCallion checks the wee little one for any problems.

On Feb. 5, LOGOS Children’s Ministry celebrated Hero Night at the Sanibel Community Church, with the children enjoying an evening focused on the community’s heroes. During craft time, they designed and colored thank you cards for the various heroes in their life. Each child picked a family member or someone in their community who does an outstanding job at protecting them by making them feel safe or impacts their daily life in a positive way. While enjoying a meatball sandwich, the children gave real life examples and discussed their hero with their table parents. During activity time, they enjoyed relay races and practiced being a “hero” – doctors, nurses, EMTs, firemen and police officers. The night ended with a prayer for protection on all families and the heroes who risk their lives every day. Due to the corona virus, the LOGOS program has been suspended until further notice. Families with children ages 3 years old through fifth grade are welcome to join the LOGOS program when back in session. For more information or to check on scheduling, contact Holly Patton-Roark at 239-472-2684.