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Global cooperation needed on climate change

By Staff | Mar 24, 2020

To the editor:

You know, I’m very sympathetic to Ms. Renkoski of Fort Myers position regarding climate change, as written in her letter to the editor published in the March 11 issue of the Island Reporter.

Coming from a farming background, I realize you can’t breathe blacktop and you can’t eat concrete. Unfortunately the implication is that the United States is somehow the problem. That’s the way I read it. If I’m wrong, I apologize. The United States has actually done more than any other country in the world to clean up the environment. This has been due to our relative wealth per capita as a result of a much undeserved maligned system called capitalism. Without the cooperation of especially China, India and Malaysia, the most populous places on this earth, it’s not going to happen. Greta Thunberg needs to go preach to them regarding cleaning up the earth, its oceans and its atmosphere.

Dr. Bruce Bielfelt