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School District prepares to distribute Chromebooks

By Staff | Mar 18, 2020

The School District of Lee County is preparing for distance learning by distributing Chromebooks to certain students in need.

Elementary Schools will sign out Chromebooks to students in third, fourth, and fifth grade in need of computer access this week.

Only one Chromebook is available per household.

Chromebooks will only be distributed to third, fourth, and fifth graders who meet the following criteria:

* Do not have an older sibling already issued a District Chromebook in grades 6-12

* Do not have a computer of any type in the home

Qualifying students can sign out a Chromebook from the school they attend on the following dates and times (see attached graphic)

If families choose not to use computer-based learning while schools are closed, 10-day packets of instructional material are also available at their child’s school. The first packet can be picked up during the same time frame as their assigned Chromebook distribution.

Kindergarten through second grade students meeting the same criteria as third through fifth grade students will be able to sign out Chromebooks next week. The schedule will be sent home through School Messenger and posted online atwww.leeschools.net/COVID-19. Middle and high school students already have District issued Chromebooks.

Source: School District of Lee County