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Lee Health and NCH establish mobile COVID-19 collection sites

By Staff | Mar 14, 2020

Lee Health and NCH Healthcare System are each establishing mobile collection sites to test patients for COVID-19.

Patients must meet the testing criteria, and have their test ordered by their physician or provider. At Lee Health patients must make an appointment before showing up to the collection site. NCH Health is not requiring appointments.

Patients will drive up to the site to have samples collected by medical professionals outfitted with personal protective equipment. The sample will then be sent to a lab to be tested. The results will be provided by the patient provider.

“Until now, testing has been one of the major challenges to responding to the coronavirus outbreak. The mobile collection site expands the number of patients who can be tested and will get them on the right path to care in a speedier manner.” said Kris Fay, chief administrative officer of Lee Physician Group, Home Health and Physician Services for Lee Health, in a prepared statement. “Between the mobile collection site and offering free telehealth services, we are finding faster and better ways to treat patients who may be at-risk.”

Collection site locations and operating hours will be announced Monday morning.

“We are pleased to be serving the community by offering this easily accessible testing option for patients,” said, Chief Executive Officer, Paul Hiltz. “Identifying ways to test faster, provide easier access and accelerate results will offer our community faster care. We are constantly reviewing ways to provide the best patient experience and respond to COVID-19.”

Lee Health and NCH have plans to expand hours of operation and locations as needed in response to demand.