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Clerk of Court reminds, most services available online

By Staff | Mar 13, 2020

Lee Clerk of Court Linda Doggett wants Lee Countians concerned about the new coronavirus to know that most clerk services are available online.

“With coronavirus COVID-19 dominating the world news, please know that my focus is on your safety and the safety of my employees and the public,” Doggett said in statement released Friday. “We plan for emergencies such as this, balancing safety with continuing to provide services to our community.

“Many of the services we provide in our offices are also available online.”

She encouraged the public to visit www.LeeClerk.org to do things such as:

Pay a traffic ticket online or by phone;

Electronically record mortgages, deeds and other official records;

File court documents electronically;

Check the Jury Duty page for updates on jury service.

“At this time, our Chief Judge has stated that the public should continue to report for jury duty,” Doggett said. “As a reminder, seniors age 70 or older have options to be excused from jury duty. Check your jury duty summons for details.”

Meanwhile, the office following recommended guidelines for sanitation, she said.

“As an organization, and as supply inventories permit, the Clerk’s Office provides hand sanitizer on the jury counters, sanitizing wipes and masks. The public spaces are being cleaned and disinfected regularly by the building cleaning service with a CDC approved disinfecting leave-on spray. Information guidelines from the CDC are posted though-out the courthouse to ‘Cover your Cough’ and ‘Cleaning to Prevent the Flu,’ The release states.

“We expect that the public and our employees are following the same guidelines as they would use when entering any public building,” Doggett added.

The office has postponed its planned March 25 seminar Be Your Own Detective.

“We will reassess the situation in the upcoming weeks,” she said. “Still scheduled is the May 6 seminar at Lakes Regional Library and we will be reevaluating this as the situation continues to evolve. Check our Community Workshops webpage for updates on seminar schedules.”

Updates will be provided at www.LeeClerk.org, through the Clerk’s Facebook channel, and by email alert.