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‘The Carpet Man’ proud to call Cape Coral home

By Staff | Mar 12, 2020

In a city that turns just 50 this year, one Cape Coral clan has had five generations of family call this area of Southwest Florida home.

If you’ve lived in Cape Coral for a few decades, chances are you’ve heard the name Pat Costello. That’s because he’s known as “The Carpet Man.”

Costello was the owner of the self-named business for 38 years on Del Prado Boulevard.

Costello, 85, is a junior to his father Patrick who has passed on. His son, Patrick Costello III, works for the state, his grandson, Patrick Costello the IV is a firefighter in East Fort Myers and his great grandson, Patrick Costello V, is a youthful 7-year-old who loves to fish with his dad and grandfather.

Costello, whether at his shop or behind the scenes, has been a giver to the community for decades. He just isn’t one for recognition.

“In Cape Coral, I did a lot,” Costello said. “I’ve helped a lot of people in the city.”

From being a Boy Scout leader to supplying meals and toys to less fortunate families on Thanksgiving and Christmas for decades, to supplying carpet for Special Populations, the old Science Center and the veterans center, Costello is a man who went about giving back behind closed doors, as he felt no credit was needed, or wanted. It’s just who he is.

“Always,” Costello said of helping out the less-fortunate. “I like to help people, it makes me feel good. It doesn’t cost you extra to be nice.”

Costello’s favorite memory came when he was a troop leader with the local Boy Scouts. They had just come back from a canoeing trip and he had set their tents out on his front lawn, which had become wet on their expedition, to dry.

Costello said a neighbor complained and the police came out to his house saying he had to remove the drying tents because there were no “structures” allowed on Cape Coral lawns.

Costello, who always stands up for what he believes in, refused and got the attention of the local media who lambasted the police for this Scout leader’s plight.

The story even made national news.

“I’m a fighter. I speak my mind,” Costello said.

Costello and his wife, Connie, came to Cape Coral in 1968 from New Jersey. Costello, who is an Air Force Korean War veteran, eventually went into a partnership with a local carpeting company. The two split and Costello ventured into his own carpet business. He even built his facility himself and often wed couples in the store thanks to a beautiful staircase in the facility — and he never charged. He was a justice of the peace for some time.

His sold his store in 2015 because it had become a bit too much, but is proud of how he served his customers after nearly four decades of business in Cape Coral.

“You take care of them,” Costello said. “There’s never been a complaint against me all the years I was in business. One location, 38 years, one store.”

While there may be many Costellos for generations to come, the carpet man has seen lots over the years in Cape Coral.

“A lot,” Costello has said of how he’s seen the city change over the years. “I’d say mostly for the good. You can’t be perfect for everybody.”

He loves the city and has been a supporter of the Cape Coral Police Department for many years, saying he even provided them with walkie talkie radios in the early years.

Costello believes that respect should be taught and practices that in his daily life.

“I’m glad we came here,” he said.

Costello recalls one time after being on the Southwest Florida Honor Flight, a young boy in the crowd.

“A little boy came over and hugged me and thanked me for my service,” Costello said. “That’s respect.”

Now, Costello enjoys spending time with his family, especially passing on his love of fishing and hunting to his grandsons.

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