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Poetic License: ‘Monopoly Moon’

By Staff | Mar 10, 2020

Joe Pacheco

(Inspired by Rebecca Sandbeck for ArtPoem)


How it would end I thought I knew

In the monopoly game no love is true.

She was Pennsylvania Green and Park Place blue

I, purple and Baltic, the low avenue.

In that summer of madness I wore out the board

Buying properties I couldn’t afford.

My token car apace with her wheelbarrow

As she raced past Go and every arrow,

Till there was nothing left for me to own

And trade for the heart of this Molly Malone.

I landed in jail, she wouldn’t let me be,

Her get out of jail card set me free

To land on her hotel property

And end my game in bankruptcy.

“Sorry,” she sighed, “but I had to be true

To my Pennsylvania Green and Park Place blue.

I won the game, but don’t want to lose you.

Come under the Boardwalk, we’ll make out soon

Under a boardwalk sky and Monopoly moon.”