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Poetic License: ‘I just dropped in’

By Staff | Mar 3, 2020

Joe Pacheco

I just dropped in

To pick up my supply

Of memories forgotten

In years gone by,

Loves I couldn’t claim

In the lost and found

And dreams that never made it

Up from the ground.

I just came back

Hoping I could find

A bargain relic

In the junk store of my mind,

An old gold locket

Or a watch telling time,

An unfinished poem

With one good rhyme.

I just passed by

Past where I’ve never been

To start that journey

I have to begin,

Say goodbye to friends

I never really had

Wish everyone luck

If it all turns bad.

I’m dropping out soon

From the last picture show

Keeping my dice ready

For that one big throw,

Straightening out the clutter

My life has been,

To undo the condition

My condition’s been in.