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Charter school foundation holds annual rally

By Staff | Mar 3, 2020

The Cape Coral Charter School Foundation has helped the four schools it benefits do more with less.

On Saturday, the foundation held its annual 7th annual rally at the Cape Royal Golf Course, and it was expected to go a long way toward helping the school it serves.

The event raised money for the four charter schools making up the Cape Coral Municipal Charter School System; Oasis Elementary North (formerly, Christa McAuliffe Elementary), Oasis Elementary South, Oasis Middle and Oasis High School.

Jen-Hope Belis, vice president of the foundation, said they nearly filled their golf slots and had a record number of items for the silent auction and raffles.

“A big portion of this comes from the online auction, which makes about $15,000 with donated items. Which makes up a good portion of our money,” Belis said. “Our goal is to make $50,000 to $60,000 in profit.”

After holding the event at the German American Social Club the first five years (which included a country concert), it moved to Royal Palm to include the golf element and raise more money.

Supporters got to play either 18 holes of golf or nine for kids and families. After golf, kids got to enjoy a climbing wall, inflatable rides, laser tag, Nerf war, human soccer ball and other activities.

“Being able to add the golf component made it more fun and the German American Club was just too big for us,” Belis said. “It gave a twist to what we were already doing.”

High Tide provided the music, and the students from the elementary and middle schools performed selections from “Suessical, the Musical,” which will be performed at the middle school March 11-13, and “Beauty and the Beast,” which the kids from Oasis South performed last month.

“This was the second time for us doing a preview show and I think the kids did a really good job,”said Jacquelyn Toleman, who put together “Suessical.” “We have one more week of rehearsals and the shows are next week. It will have all your favorite Dr. Suess characters.”

Chris Shaw from Fox-4 served as the emcee for the event, and Mayor Joe Coviello also attended.

“We learned a lot from last year when we switched venues. We were a little worried about the wind but we got a good turnout and everyone’s participating,” said Gary Cerny, foundation president. “We got a lot of support from the community.”

Funds from this event will fund grants submitted by teachers and administrators at the four charter schools, as well as scholarships for Oasis High School students.

Recent grants awarded have included water filtration systems, solar car kits and other experiments for STEM classes; equipment for culinary classes and mirrors for the dance studio; computer software for math enrichment and books for the libraries.

“Our return on investment is a lot higher than the other systems in the area. We are able to do more with less,” Cerny said.

The Cape Coral Municipal Charter School Foundation was established in 2004 as the fundraising arm of the Cape Coral Municipal Charter School system.