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Show support by donating

By Staff | Feb 18, 2020

To the editor:

One of the special pleasures of Sanibel is the winter-spring Sunday, open-air jazz concerts at BIG ARTS by the Island Jazz Band. The musicians are not paid, but put out kitty boxes for contributions from those who enjoy the hour-and-half of music.

At the last Sunday concert, we were near one of the kitty boxes. When the concert ended, we watched people exit, passing us and the kitty box. Almost all had broad smiles on their faces, obviously having enjoyed a program for which they would have to pay $25 or more per person in a different venue.

To our surprise, most bypassed the kitty box, refusing to acknowledge the musicians’ contributions. Anyone able to vacation on Sanibel should be able to contribute something for their entertainment.

Robert and JoAnn Hilliard