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Safe at Sea: Boating quiz — would you pass or fail?

By Staff | Feb 4, 2020

Currently, more and more states are requiring boaters to take a boating education course. In Florida, not only must boater born after Jan. 1, 1988, take the course, they must pass the exam and earn the Florida Safe Boating Education ID card.

A few years ago, BoatUS Magazine’S staff analyzed thousands of test questions and discovered a few questions that were consistently missed, regardless of whether the students had years of boating experience or were rookies. Here they are – take the quick six-question test to see how well you fare:

Which of the following is required on federally controlled waters for boats less that 39.4 feet (12 meters)?

– VHF radio.

– Whistle.

– Paddle or oar.

– First aid kit.

According to the Navigation Rules, which is true?

– A boat under power is always a stand-on boat.

– A personal watercraft is always a give-way boat.

– An overtaking boat always gives way to the boat being overtaken.

– A boat under sail is always a stand-on boat.

Which of the following must follow Navigation Rules for a powerboat?

– Any sailboat equipped with an engine.

– All sailboats under sail along.

– A sailboat with sails up but no engine.

– A sailboat with its engine engaged.

A float plan should contain what information?

– A date and time to contact the authorities.

– A national weather service storm advisory signal listing.

– Coast Guard emergency radio frequencies.

– A pre-departure check list.

Which of the following will increase the effects of alcohol and drugs when boating?

– Food.

– Vibration.

– Spray.

– Temperature.

What is the USCG-approved meaning of “serviceable condition” for life jackets?

– The ability to turn a person immersed in water face up.

– Proper size and fit.

– Straps and zippers work.

– Must be within easy reach.

Check to see if you earned an A or an F. The answers are as follows:

– The correct answer is B. (Even though many of the listed items are smart to have on board.)

– The correct answer is C. (If you read last week’s article, you should have gotten this correct.)

– The correct answer is D. (Once a sailboat turns on its engine, its status is that of a powerboat.)

– The correct answer is A.

– The correct answer is B.

– The correct answer is C.

Pat Schmidt is a member of America’s Boating Club of Sanibel-Captiva. For more about the chapter and the courses it offers, visit www.sancapboating.club or contact education@sanibelcaptivasps.org or 612-987-2125.