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Students encouraged to enter shell show

By Staff | Jan 21, 2020


The Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club is encouraging students of kindergarten age through high school to enter this year’s Sanibel Shell Show.

It is a major part of the annual Sanibel Shell Festival, which will be held March 5-7.

Their entry can be something the student has created with seashells like a shell-covered picture frame, or they can enter a single shell or group of shells that they have collected. There are also spots available for adult entries in both the Scientific and Artistic Divisions.

There are four student classes in the show. Two are classes in the Artistic Division; this is for items that have been made from seashells or sea life. There are two classes in the Scientific Division, where students can enter a single shell or a group of shells scientifically displayed. Students may have found these shells themselves or they may have acquired them by some other manner, such as a gift.

One class in each division is for students who are in kindergarten through sixth grade, while the other class is for students in seventh grade through 12th grade.


The only criteria for entering a shell or shells in the Scientific Division is that they must be in a container that has a transparent cover and that there is a card accompanying each shell. The card will include the shell’s name and additional information described in the entry materials found online.

Club members are standing by to assist the students. They will help them find the information necessary for their cards and loan them a case to exhibit their shell or shells if they need one. They will also give advice for their artistic creations. For assistance or entry forms, contact Joyce Matthys at “mailto:joycematthys1@gmail.com”>joycematthys1@gmail.com or 503-871-1082.

Student photography of shells, sea life and needlework can also be entered.

There are ribbons to be won in the four classes. In addition, the Elsie Malone Award is given to the best student scientific exhibit and the Daniel E. Malone Award is given to the best student artistic exhibit.

For more information, visit sites.google.com/site/sanibelshellshow.