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Poetic License: ‘Irma’

By Staff | Jan 7, 2020

Peopled planet revolving in the sky

at one thousand miles per hour,

vain and egotistical,

imagining itself the center of the universe,

its inhabitants controlling technology

with which to annihilate each other,

destroy the atmosphere that gives them life.

What awesome power,

careless, unheeding, arrogant.

Pitiful planet,

subject to lessons from a power

beyond that of the human animal,

nature, that in the blink of an eye

can outdo the evil that humans have done

turning earthly treasures

into instant ashes,

human egos

into puny pleas.

A holocaust of wind

speeding faster than the spinning globe,

making edifices

into rubble,

tossing men and women

and their machines

into the air

and dashing them

to the ground.

Can you hear an omniscient voice crying:

you derelict, unheeding earth people,

intent on destroying your planet

with global warming and pollution,

tearing apart your mountains,

paving your valleys,

poisoning your rivers and oceans,

we send this devastation of wind and water

to help you achieve your goal.

A lesson for the caretakers

of their only home in the universe,

cavalierly trading

the welfare of their earth

for monetary gain,

defiling what nature has given them.


reap the vengeance

of an angry universe.