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Qigong sessions available again at civic center

By Staff | Jan 3, 2020

Qigong classes for beginners will resume next week for the season at the Captiva Civic Center.

Presented by Paul Lawrence, a tier I certified instructor, the qigong sessions will take place Jan. 7 through March 24 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Hosted in partnership with the Captiva Civic Association, the price is $20 for the entire series or a $5 drop-in fee for each session.

Qigong – which entails life energy cultivation – is a holistic system that utilizes slow gentle-flowing movement, with deep rhythmic breathing and meditation, to benefit general health and well being.

Lawrence, who became a certified instructor in 2017 after his retirement, previously explained that he stumbled upon the practice about 25 years ago while watching a Public Broadcasting Service show.

He utilized qigong off and on over the years, basically when he could fit it in with work and life. However, upon his retirement a few years ago, his sessions became more regular and Lawrence found he wanted to get more involved. Enrolling in a well-regarded program, he soon became certified.

As for how qigong works, it is comparable to yoga, but it is not yoga.

Each class will begin with a few minutes of breathing, followed by activating exercises.

Participants can stand, sit in provided chairs or lay down for the meditation portion.

Those who want to lay down are welcome to bring a yoga mat or such.

Each session is designed to build off the last, but they are also independent of one another.

Some of his sessions can be found at www.youtube.com by searching for “Captiva QiGong.”

For more information, call 239-472-2111 or visit www.ccacaptiva.org.

The Captiva Civic Center is at 11550 Chapin Lane, Captiva.