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CEPD proceeds on permitting for project, more

By Staff | Dec 17, 2019

TIFFANY REPECKI The Captiva Erosion Prevention District voted on a series of contracts at its Dec. 9 meeting.

The Captiva Erosion Prevention District recently gave the green light on moving forward with permitting for the Alison Hagerup Beach Park project, approved separate contracts for a consultant and new CPA bookkeeping service, and elected its first-ever emeritus board member.

The Dec. 9 meeting marked the first one run by recently-promoted Administrator Joe Wagenti, who previously served as deputy administrator. Former Administrator Carolyn Weaver marked her last day with the CEPD on Dec. 12, after first joining it as the assistant to the administrator in July 2018.

Only months later, she was formally promoted to administrator in December to fill what then was a vacant position.

In March, Wagenti was hired for the reclassified deputy administrator spot.

Since Sept. 30 when consulting firm Hans Wilson & Associates tendered its resignation to end its contract with the CEPD at the end of November – which included sub-consultant contracts for both Weaver and Wagenti – staff and the panel have been discussing how to proceed in the long term.

“Carolyn and CEPD board didn’t agree on terms of further employment,” Wagenti said in a Dec. 13 statement from the district, citing differing needs on the weekly work schedule as one example.

“We appreciate all her hard work and attention to detail and wish her the best endeavors,” he added.

Wagenti also confirmed that the CEPD intends to fill his former position.

“We are interviewing for a deputy administrator,” he said.

As for the CEPD meeting, Wagenti provided the panel with an update and a simplified final site plan for the Alison Hagerup Beach Park project. It involves creating enough handicapped spaces to bring the lot up to code and enables the district to move the bathroom trailer out of storage and set it up on site.

He estimated that it would take 90 to 120 for the permitting process alone.

Wagenti added that the contractor is in the process of bidding out the plan.

After some discussion, the panel directed staff to proceed with permitting for the project.

Also at the meeting, the panel voted 4-0 to approve Wiltshire, Whitley, Richardson & English as the district’s new CPA for bookkeeping services at a monthly cost of $2,500 for 2020, $2,550 for 2021 and $2,600 for 2022. The voted passed on the basis staff will confirm that the contract is for one year, with the option for renewal for the additional years, as well as that it includes an early termination option.

The panel also voted 4-0 to approve payment for administrative services to consultant Partners in Progress in 2020 for a not-to-exceed amount totaling $24,999. In addition, it voted 4-0 to hire attorney Mark Raymond as bond counsel for the renourishment project at a flat rate of $15,000, plus costs.

Chairman Mike Mullins explained that the bank requires a bond counsel’s involvement.

“We’re doing a loan,” he said. “We’re not doing a bond.”

Also during the meeting, the panel voted 4-0 for its first emeritus board member.

Mullins nominated Rene Miville, who also serves as a member on the Captiva Community Panel.


– The panel voted on its new organization, including Mullins as chair, Bob Walter as vice chair, Harry Kaiser as secretary and Dick Pyle as treasurer; Michael Lanigan now will serve as a commissioner.

– The panel voted 4-0 to transfer about $3 million from the district’s checking account, where it is gathering no interest, to an investment account at Fifth Third Bank.

– The panel voted 4-0 to set standard procedures for staff to follow during emergency beach cleanup occurrences, such as fish kills.