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Art in Motion captivates LOGOS youth

By Staff | Nov 27, 2019
PHOTO PROVIDED Val Pezzi holds up a tracing of a LOGOS participant and the children try to guess who it is.
PHOTO PROVIDED Kelyse Schafer, Christopher Erickson, Sophia Paulus and Turner Zimmerman decorate cupcakes.
PHOTO PROVIDED Brynn Selby waits for the sprinkle spoon Yumi Bautista has first dibs.
PHOTO PROVIDED Spencer Sultz and table parent Jack David wait for the next tracing to be revealed.

On Oct. 16, Sanibel Community Church’s LOGOS Children’s Ministry celebrated Art In Motion. The youth participated in their Bible lesson, practiced their songs and were creative in the art session. Each child created their own masterpiece with paint and spin art. The youth had a taste of Italy as they dined on spaghetti with marinara and meatballs. Each child had the chance to decorate their own cupcake with a variety of colorful icings and sprinkles. After dinner, the children traced each other on large sheets of paper to make life-size replicas, then they were challenged to a guessing game. Dinner Dean Val Pezzi would hold up a tracing and the youth would get the chance to guess which participant was represented. LOGOS is held on Wednesdays for families with children age 3 through fifth grade. For more information, contact Hilly Patton-Roark at 239-472-2684 or “mailto:Holly@sanibelchurch.com”>Holly@sanibelchurch.com.