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Dane Eagle will seek Rooney’s seat

By Staff | Nov 7, 2019

State Rep. and House Majority Leader Dane Eagle has declared his candidacy for the United States House of Representatives in Florida Congressional District 19.

“Our values, our way of life, and our President are under attack,” Eagle, a Republican, said in the announcement. “We deserve a Congressman who will represent us and our values, someone who will stand up and fight for our Constitution and for the good work our President is accomplishing.”

Eagle touted his strong track record of getting things done in the House, such as fighting for no sanctuary cities in Florida, water quality and tax cuts.

“Unlike Washington, we actually get things done. We cut taxes while balancing our budget, banned sanctuary cities, protected the unborn, and tackled our water crisis head on,” he said.

Eagle, born and raised in Cape Coral, said he’s hopeful to be the first Congressman the city has seen.

“If elected, I’ll be representing a wide range of counties, and my track record shows that I will fight for the people of Southwest Florida in Washington,” Eagle said.

The Bishop Verot grad said he’s a strong conservative with strong principles.

“I support the entire constitution,” Eagle said. “To me, the Second Amendment is as important as the rest, and I will continue to have those beliefs.”

Eagle said current Rep. Francis Rooney (R) has performed well on water quality funding, but that more work needs to be done.

“Francis did an amazing job on water quality, we need to continue with that in Florida,” Eagle said. “We’ve been doing our part on the state side, but federal funding needs to continue.”

Eagle said he does differ from Rooney in some ways, such as immigration policy and protecting the president.

Rooney has said publicly that he wouldn’t rule out an impeachment vote, but said he has not seen enough that would definitively lead him to doing so.

“I disagree with (Rooney) on immigration, the border wall and impeachment,” Eagle said.

Eagle went on to say he is discouraged by what he has seen from Democrats in Washington, and that President Trump is doing great work for the United States.

Eagle, who said he’s in favor or term limits, did mention he is tired of seeing one- and two-term congressman in Florida.

“I want someone to put a stake in the ground and fight for Southwest Florida,” he said.

Eagle was elected in 2012 to serve District 77 in the Florida House of Representatives. He currently serves as the House Majority Leader, where he is responsible for leading the Republican Conference in the Florida House and ushering conservative legislation to the Governor’s desk.

“Water quality — we’ve delivered time and time again,” Eagle said. “We’re putting out money where our mouth is. We passed the most Everglades-friendly budget in Florida’s history.”

Eagle has received numerous recognitions for his dedication to conservative principles and free market values, including:

* American Conservative Union, Award for Conservative Excellence and Defender of Liberty

* Florida Chamber of Commerce Honor Roll

* “A” ratings from Americans for Prosperity

* Champion of Family award from the Florida Family Council

In the private sector, Eagle is a commercial real estate broker with more than 16 years of experience.

Dane and his wife Brooke live in Cape Coral with their 2-year-old golden retriever, Hampton.

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