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Cultural Park Theater sets volunteer ‘job fair’

By Staff | Nov 7, 2019

Do you have a love of the theater but maybe acting or singing isn’t your thing?

Cultural Park Theater will host a “job fair” this Saturday from 10:30 a.m. until 1, looking for volunteers to assist the city’s longest running community theater.

“Community theater is only made possible because of volunteers, community involvement and support,” said Michael Moran, Cultural Park Theater’s executive director. “In fact, did you know that almost every person you come in contact with at Cultural Park is a volunteer? Our small staff provides necessary guidance and expertise, but to create 24 stage shows and other events each year, we depend on and need our volunteer support.”

There are a myriad of volunteer opportunities, said Moran, that involve technicians, costume designers, set builders, ushers, administrative assistants and much more.

If you have no experience working in a theater, no problem, staff can train all volunteers in whatever role in which they wish to take part.

“Everyone is important to Cultural Park Theater’s operations,” Moran said. “Whether it is for one hour every day, we need you.”

Each volunteer department will have an area set up to speak with each potential volunteer about what they do for the theater. The event will also begin with the chair of each department explaining their needs to attendees.

Cultural Park uses volunteers in every aspect of the theater, and can shape one’s skills to match whatever is needed at the time — whether it be set design, costuming, or other areas.

Becoming a volunteer at Cultural Park is becoming part of the family, Moran said, and is a perfect chance to get involved if you have a love for the arts.

“People who volunteer their energy do so for many reasons: to learn new skills, to make new friends and to share the magic of bringing stories to life,” Moran said. “Being a part of Cultural Park Theater’s volunteer family offers its own awards of personal satisfaction and the positive energies felt by the patrons and volunteer staff as each curtain goes up on each production. All our volunteers receive free tickets for each production they work on. We also have special volunteer events celebrating the efforts of all our volunteers and honors the effort each volunteer brings to Cultural Park.”

Moran’s message to anyone contemplating becoming a part of the Cultural Park Theater family?

“I tell anyone who is interested in volunteering at Cultural Park that while you are helping your community’s only live theater thrive, you will quickly find you have joined an environment where you are surrounded by family and friends who appreciate each effort you make,” Moran said. “You will be working along side people who are having fun, while at the same time keeping Cultural Park Theater truly one of the crown jewels of the city of Cape Coral.”

For more information on Cultural Park Theater, visit www.CulturalParkTheater.com

Cultural Park Theater is at 528 Cultural Park Blvd.

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