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Student performance to honor, recognize U.S. veterans

By Staff | Nov 5, 2019

The Sanibel School will host a Veterans Day program and the community is invited to attend.

Titled “We Are America,” the fourth- and fifth-grade classes will present the program in honor of America’s military veterans on Nov. 8 at 8:05 a.m. in the cafetorium. In addition, the Seahorse Chorale and the Elementary Choir will each perform, with a school-wide song concluding the presentation.

Music Department Director Joey Giangreco explained that the program celebrates two things.

“One, it serves as a tribute to the veterans and actively serving military members for their service,” he said. “It also celebrates the United States and the pride that we have as Americans for our country.”

Two students will emcee the presentation.

“The main portion of the program is the fourth- and fifth-grade classes,” Giangreco said. “They will be performing four songs.”

There will be a tribute to the Armed Services, which will be a medley of the U.S. military songs and hymns for each branch of the military. Another selection will be “Have You Ever Seen a Yankee Doodle Dandy,” which is based on the classic song “Yankee Doodle Boy.” “Thinking of You” is a song performed from the point-of-view of a family member who is home missing their loved one, who is serving overseas or in a distant far away place. “We Are America” is the last song that they will sing.

“That is the song that the program is based off of,” he said.

Also, the Elementary Choir will perform one selection – “Give Love.”

“That’s based on the American folk song ‘Down By the Riverside,'” Giangreco said.

The middle-school choir, the Seahorse Chorale will perform two songs.

“‘Ching-a-Ring Chaw,'” he said. “That’s an American folk song and it also incorporates another folk song as well, called ‘In That Great Gettin’ Up Morning.'”

The middle-schoolers also will sing “God Bless America,” a traditional classic.

“The songs chosen represent America in different ways, or different people or different Americans, and different styles of the music from America or found in America,” Giangreco said of the program.

For the presentation, the last song is titled “Thank You Soldiers.”

“The final piece of the program is going to be a school-wide song that all of the students and the staff will get to sing,” he said. “That will be our big finale.”

The event is free.

“All are welcome to attend, especially veterans and actively serving military members,” Giangreco said. “We invite them to come to the program as it serves as a tribute to them and their service.”

He added that the students have been working hard to prepare.

“We are all very excited about the program this year,” Giangreco said. “Come out and see the great work that our students have done and celebrate veterans, active duty military and America.”

For more information, contact 239-472-1617 or josephag@leeschools.net.

The Sanibel School is at 3840 Sanibel-Captiva Road, Sanibel.