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In The Garden: Agave attenuata is ideal for modern landscapes

By Staff | Nov 5, 2019

PHOTO PROVIDED Agave attenuata

Agave attenuata, from the Agavaceae family, is commonly referred to as spineless century plant. The Agave is a much smaller version of the traditional agave and the leaves do not end in sharp spines, making it a much more friendly Agave to have in the landscape.

The leaves of the plant are wide and a soft almost bluish-green color. The species grows to 2-4 feet in height, with a spread of about 3 feet when fully mature. It likes part sun/part shade ideally, has a high drought tolerance and actually thrives in the local sandy, acidic soil.

After about 10 years or so, the plant will produce a tall flower spike with pale yellow to white blooms. To propagate more of the Agave, gently uproot seedlings near the plant and repot.

Little irrigation is necessary once the plant is established, making it the perfect addition to a rock garden either grouped together or as an individual specimen. It also does well in pots as a modern focal point in the landscape.

The more modern elements of current architectural styles make all types of Agave a natural landscape choice. The Agave attenuata is the perfect choice for around the home, pool and patio as it is one of the few Agave without any spines.

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