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Stop asking public’s view on political issues

By Staff | Oct 22, 2019

To the editor:

I have enjoyed reading your paper since 1998 and look forward to every word. The paper was a pleasant break from the everyday and the articles filled me with information of what was going on in Sanibel. Great stories and happenings around the island. There was no corporate corruption, no national politics, just a place where you could find out what mattered to life on Sanibel.

I am writing to ask you to stop asking the public what their view is on political issues. This is not in keeping with who you are to the island. Everyone needs to be able to have one place where they feel safe and no one judges them for what they believe or do not believe. Stirring controversy is not why we live or visit Sanibel. There’s enough of that everywhere off the island. Please go back to your roots and keep the island in the Islander.

Larkin Hammond