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Sanibel library to offer bags of books for $1 at annual sale

By Staff | Oct 22, 2019

Director Margaret Mohundro

The Sanibel Public Library will kick off its “Fill-A-Bag for A Dollar” book sale this week.

Starting on Oct. 25, the public – both library cardholders and non-cardholders – can stop in and browse the several tables that will be set up with hundreds of books and more piled on them. Director Margaret Mohundro reported that the annual sale has been a long-standing tradition for the library.

“It’s to keep the collection fresh and responsive to our library users’ needs,” she said.

Mohundro explained that staff assesses what is on the library shelves once a year or more often. Materials not used or no longer needed are pulled out, along with items that the library has a newer version or edition of. They also compare the donated books received and keep the better copies.

The pulled materials are set aside and made available during the sale.

“It’s a great way to recycle books,” she said.

The event will continue daily until the inventory is depleted.

“It’s usually a week or two,” Mohundro said.

Upon arrival, shoppers will find green recycled bags with the word “Read” piled around the library. They can take one or as many as they like, then fill them up with items and pay $1 for each bag.

“Some people fill one bag,” she said. “And some people fill 10 bags.”

The items will include hardcover and paperback books, fiction and non-fiction.

“Older travel books, some art books,” Mohundro said. “Everything from recent bestsellers to a nice group of Florida vintage and Old Florida books. History and culture and travel in Florida, maybe books from the ’50s and ’60s – so they’re a lot of fun, and a lot of people collect that kind of book.”

There also will be youth titles.

“The children’s books are a big hit and they go fast because the parents and the children come in,” she said. “They see favorite authors, favorite books from series they love, so you can find a lot of that.”

“Kids are building their home libraries,” Mohundro added.

Plus, the sale will feature CDs, movies and magazines.

“All kinds of things,” she said.

Mohundro noted that people mark the event on their calenders each year.

“It’s just a very popular thing, and we appreciate the community being so interested,” she said. “Anyone who is a book lover or likes a bargain, this is the place.”

Shoppers are encouraged to stop by more than once.

“A key thing to remember is we restock it one or two times a day,” Mohundro said of the displayed materials for sale. “As soon as there is space on the tables, we put more books out there.”

“You may come in one day and two days later come back in and it’s a whole different selection,” she added. “So it’s good to come in a couple of times.”

All of the proceeds from the sale go back into the library, its collections and services.

The public is encouraged to swing by.

“It’s a great opportunity to add to your home library,” Mohundro said. “You’ll find lots of interesting, educational and inspiring material, as well as a lot of fun reads.”

“You’ll find something, whatever your interests are,” she added.

The Sanibel Public Library is open Mondays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; the library is closed on Sundays.

For more information, call 239-472-2483.

The Sanibel Public Library is at 770 Dunlop Road, Sanibel.