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Center Stage: ‘Rocky Horror Show’ perfect Halloween festivities

By Staff | Oct 22, 2019

Marsha Wagner

Now hear this! The “Rocky Horror Show” currently playing at the New Phoenix Theatre in Fort Myers has hit the bull’s eye with its sexy balance of spot-on casting, vibrant sets and costumes, and a top-notch local band. This show plays its final performances this week – Oct. 24-26 at 8 p.m. and Oct. 27 at 3 p.m. – with the final show on Oct. 31, Halloween Eve, at 8 p.m.

Just in case you don’t know what this show is all about, it invites audience participation as part of the fun and the price of a ticket also includes a goodie bag containing a bottle of water, a light wand, confetti and a roll of toilet paper, which you toss at the audience or actors on stage at various moments during the show. Oh, one more thing: if you feel inspired to really get into this show, do dress up as your favorite character in the “Rocky Horror Show” (a perfect excuse to dress up for Halloween and go trick-or-treating after). Now enough of a tease to go see the show; let’s get to this production.

In this is a cult classic version, we see deep blood-red lighted walls, skeletons in coffins on stage, cobweb draped on staircases and furniture, along with other haunted house-styled paraphernalia (think the “Phantom of the Opera” set in Transylvania).

What is so cool about the actors in this S&M/goth/punk/transvestite inspired show is that all the actors are either aspiring local acting students or local community actors willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something really challenging and daring. This is what makes this show catch fire and allows the audience to also shake off all restraints, be a kid again, let their hair down and have a blast. Isn’t that what trick-or-treat is all about? You betcha, it is!

So, if you want a treat of an enjoyable night of “fun and games” with the local talent at their “best,” the “Rocky Horror Show” is the show to attend.

In a way, this show concisely proves the New Phoenix Theatre’s mission statement, which is “to create entertainment that enlightens the community, celebrates diversity, and inspires imagination.” So that being said, my advice is – swoop on over to the phone, call the Box Office now at 239-284-5214 and make your reservation. Remind ’em when you phone that Marsha sent you.

Oh by the way, for a jolly holly Christmas, next up at the Phoenix stage starting Dec. 5 and playing weekends till Dec. 22 is “Inspecting Carol,” a zany take-off on “The Christmas Carol,” a performance where everything that could go wrong in such a production does with hilarious results. A comedy of errors dressed up in Christmas finery, sure to tickle the funny bone.